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The Bazile Groundwater Management Area (BGMA) has received a Nebraska Environmental Trust (NET) Grant to demonstrate and research best management agricultural practices to reduce nitrogen leaching into the groundwater. All three sites will have nitrogen and irrigation management aspects that can be compared between the sites.  In addition to the nitrogen and irrigation treatments each individual site will focus on other management practices that have potential to reduce nitrate leaching.  One site will evaluate Crop Rotations, one Soil Health and another Nitrogen Inhibitors.   


NET Grant Press Release



Diverse Cropping Rotation

Located in the Lower Elkhorn NRD, this site will look at how different cropping rotations affect nitrogen leaching. This plot will compare corn-corn rotation, traditional corn-soybean rotation, as well as including alfalfa, small grains (wheat), and annual forages in the rotation. The control plot will be continuous pasture.


Soil Health

Located in the Lewis & Clark NRD, this site focuses on practices that promote soil health, such as cover crops and organic fertilizer (manure). The plots will evaluate different cover crop mixes, the timing of sowing and termination of the cover crops, as well as comparing the effects of organic and inorganic fertilizer on soil health and nitrogen leaching.


Nitrogen Inhibitors

Located in the Upper Elkhorn NRD, this site will focus on different nitrogen management practices, use of nitrogen inhibitors, and slow release nitrogen. This will include the use of four different enhanced nitrogen products, different timings of nitrogen application, different fertigation strategies, and use of different commercial nitrogen models, such as Farmer’s Edge, Yara, Encirca, and Climate.


Stay tuned... more information to come!


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