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Winter Meetings

2023 Winter Meeting

2023 BGMA Winter Meeting


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2022 Winter Meeting

In March 2022, the BGMA hosted a winter meeting at the Plainview Public Library. Presentation topics included data from the BGMA Demo Sites and information on the Nitrogen Cycle and Manure Management.

2022 BGMA Winter Meeting


2021 Winter Meeting

In 2021, the winter meeting went virtual, and 1 meeting became 3 lunchtime virtual presentations. In February and March, the BGMA hosted virtual presentations on soil quality management, soil properties in diversified crop rotations, and recent groundwater work in the BGMA.

2021 BGMA Winter Meeting


2020 Winter Meeting

In February 2020, the BGMA partnered to host the No-till, Cover Crops, and Planned Grazing Systems Workshop. This event was held at the Lifelong Learning Center in Norfolk and presentations were centered on soil health and cover crops.


2019 Winter Meeting

In March 2019, the BGMA held a winter meeting at the Osmond City Auditorium, cut short by flooding concerns this meeting was held in its entirety in June 2019. Presentation topics included soil fertility, nitrogen usage, nitrogen applications, nitrogen recommendations, soil health, and cover crops.


2018 Open House - Our Water + Our Land + Our Health = Our Future

In March 2018, the BGMA hosted an open house at the Osmond City Auditorium to help inform citizens and gain participation with solutions that will address serious health risks associated with excessive levels of nitrate and other chemicals in local aquifers and area soils. The open house also featured a presentation on recent health related findings in high nitrate areas. 



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