Bazile Groundwater Management Area

Bazile Groundwater Management Area Project Demo Site Field Day 2022

Bazile Groundwater Management Area Project Demo Site Field Day 2022

                       2022 Field Day

On June 30, 2022, the Bazile Groundwater Management Area (BGMA) Project hosted its third annual field day on
the nitrogen inhibitor demonstration site. This demo site, located west of Creighton, Nebraska, is one of three
separate research demonstration sites by the BGMA and consists of 80 plots and the research is facilitated by
faculty of the University of Nebraska Extension System. This year, the field day’s focus was a hands-on approach
to available tools. Field day attendees saw presentations from four speakers who talked about available tools and
research at different levels throughout the profile of a field. They finished the day with supper and time to discuss
with other attendees.
Starting above the crop canopy, Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) technology was presented by Steve Melvin, Nate
Dorsey, Bruno Patias Lena, (all UNL Irrigated Cropping Systems Extension Educators) and Jamie Duan, a UNL
graduate student. The presentation highlighted utilization of new drone technologies.
At the crop canopy and ground surface level, the next session focused on a hands-on ‘in field’ demonstration on
research occurring at the demo site and was presented by Javed Iqbal, UNL Nutrient Management & Water Quality
Specialist. Javed focused on the “4Rs nutrient stewardship” concept (application of nutrients from the Right
source, at the Right place, in the Right time, and at the Right rate) that clarifies the project titled,” Reducing nitrate
leaching below crop rootzone by adapting novel nutrient management approaches in Nebraska”, with funding
from the Nebraska Environmental Trust (NET).
Moving into the subsurface, UNL Graduate Student, Xiaochen Dong, gave his presentation on Subsoil carbon
injection/remediation research. This research of woody biomass injected below surface for its benefits for soil
health and natural denitrification effects is conducted on the BGMA soil health demo site.
At the deepest part of the soil profile discussed, Aaron Hird, Soil Health Specialist with Nebraska’s NRCS, put
together a hands-on demonstration on Soil Infiltration and Variability. Aaron and his team brought soil cores,
demonstrated water infiltration per type of soils, and got attending interacting in learning how to check soil
infiltration. Field day attendees also went home with their own infiltration kits from the BGMA Project Group so
they could try it out on their ground.
The Bazile GMA Project is an ongoing joint effort of the Lewis and Clark, Lower Niobrara, Lower Elkhorn, Upper
Elkhorn NRDs, and the Nebraska Department of Environment and Energy to curb the rise in nitrate concentrations.
By offering educational opportunities, establishing demonstration sites, and offering cost-share on select best
management practices (BMPs), one of the Project’s goals is widespread adoption of best management practices
across the area. These best management practices are designed to give the producer more efficient control over
inputs while reducing the environmental impact. If anyone is interested in adding any BMPs to their operations,
contact BGMA Coordinator Lisa Lauver at 403-371-7313 via phone or by email at, or your local
NRCS office.

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